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Lazy Pen

This is my diploma project for my Bachelor in Media & interaction design at ECAL.

After receiving a dozen handwritten letters from my grandmother, I finally decided to answer them. I wanted to combine the practical side of computer-based word processing and the emotional aspect of one’s handwriting. This tool allows the user to distort the typeface as they write, using the moving palettes placed beneath their palms. The goal is to be able to produce one’s own typography in real time, thus offering a more personal approach.

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Main goal

Create a better link between two people via typing action.
Technology tend to unify and standardize for a better understanding of each other.
In an other hand people loose many freedoms of expression. Feeling are relegated to littles yellow smiling faces.☺

Computer word offer us a big range of different way to do input and output for communication. For my first try, I decid to choose an analogic tech. mixed with a basic computer keyboad. Instinctively I though moves of the hand are deep related to communication in the area where I live (europe).

Software side

As you can see in the pictures bellow writer can modify existing base letters and create his own shape according to the limit of the algorytms.

Physical parts

This desk is composed by 2 parts : a removable recessed block and a solid desk with two trestles with a drawer for the compute.

The keyboard block features two 3D printed mecanisms that support the "palets". this mecanism transform the vertical an horizontal movements into kneecap movements. The idea is to log datas with a accurate joystick from remote of an RC plane.
After that the datas are mix with the entry from keyboard in a Processing sketch.


The black part on the desk can be remove and be replace by a new version of the project.

Technical drawings of "lazy Pen" with a detail of the hand actuator.

Shape gradient of letter "f" on the version 1 of the software.

DIY software for define fonctionnal basic shape of each letter.

First prototype with two actuators for hand palm. (not so beautiful ... ).
The light blue, yellow and green parts are components of RC remote controller (joystick).

One of the two prototype with one actuator by letter.

One of the two prototype with one actuator by letter.
when you move your finger left or right on this keyboard, all the keys are moving like the Ondes Martenot music instrument.